HOW TO: Request Service

So, you need service related to your resources at M5 Cloud Hosting? Here is how to submit your request for the best, fastest response….

First, however, take note of our general scope of support: We will happily provide support on how to use our web interface or API, provisioning resources, speed and performance, advice on suitability of use issues… how to get the most out of the service. However, we will not generally log in to your virtual machine to provide any application support.

Also, directly contacting any individual M5 employee is not the best way to get service. No single person is guaranteed to be awake, available and near a computer at all times of the day every day. That is why we have a centralized support management system and smartphones. :o)



The best way for you to get the fastest and most appropriate response to any request is to open a support ticket in our ticketing system. You can do this by simply sending an email to ‘service‘ or ‘support‘ (they are the same). We also have departmental aliases for ‘billing’, ‘sales’, and ‘abuse’. You can view and manage your tickets in our customer portal at

NOTE: Please only use the “Emergency” status if your server is actually down (offline or unreachable) or if your services are completely unavailable/unusable, because this status changes the way the ticket is handled.



MORE TIPS (for getting the best and fastest possible service):

Never reply to an old email from our ticketing system for a new issue! Even if you change the email address and subject line, it could end up assigned to the wrong department where it would not be seen by the people who you want to see it.

Always use a subject line that is helpful for us and concisely explains the issue. For example, “server unreachable!” or “server down!” is better than “HELP!”. Feel free to include the word “Urgent” in the subject line, when appropriate.

Always include the IP address of the server with each request. This helps us to quickly and unambiguously identify which server you are referring to.

Do not CC multiple @m5hosting departmental email aliases. Each additional address will open a redundant ticket which will only cause confusion.

Always email us from an email address that is listed on your account in our customer portal. This allows our ticketing system to automatically associate your ticket/request with the appropriate account. A new request from any unrecognized email address will not be associated with an account. This requires us to manually create the association and we also need to then verify the identity of the requester (to protect you from fraud or impostors). This will cause an unnecessary delay at what could be a critical moment.

On a related note, please make sure that at least one of the addresses on your account does not depend on a server hosted with us. If that server is ever offline, we might not realize that you aren’t receiving our messages to you, thereby introducing a delay and unnecessarily prolonging your downtime.



You should receive a response to any urgent support ticket within 15 minutes. If you have not received a response to an urgent request after 15 minutes, then please call our main phone number, which is listed on our website.

If no one answers, please leave a message. If no one responds to your voice message within another 15 minutes, then you can try calling our separate/individual extensions. Our direct line is usually to be found in the email signature at the bottom of every email we send. [NOTE: It should not reach this point!]

Please let us know if you have any questions about any of this. We aim to provide fast and accurate expert service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We want to hear from you if we are not meeting your expectations for high-quality support and service.

Thank you for being a loyal M5 customer! :o)



If you have questions, or just want to know there are humans here, please contact us.

You can also refer to our extensive Cloud FAQ.