Off-site Backups in San Diego

Off-site Backup Features in San Diego

  • Monitored and managed backup solution
  • Supports Linux and Windows
  • Supports OSes installed on hardware or VMs
  • Includes MySQL and cPanel agent features
  • Monitored to ensure that backups complete without errors.
  • Schedule backups once or more per day**
  • Customizable backup retention periods**
  • Pooled storage space for all of your backups for all your servers
  • Backup your servers hosted with us or elsewhere 
  • Optional Encryption (no additional cost)
  • Optionally we can install the agents on your servers (no additional cost) or provide instructions.

** This feature will affect the required disk space to store your backups.

Off-Site Backup Pricing

Total Storage



$12/mo each + $25/setup each

Monthly Price


one-time setup fee of $25

    100G 250G 500G 1TB 2TB 3TB 4TB 5TB More

Managed off-site data backup solutions


  • Servers/data in one M5 data center will be backed up to another M5 data center
  • Compressed and encrypted transport (“encrypted in transit”)
  • Encrypted storage (no-cost option) (“encrypted at rest”) • Monitored for successful completion.
  • Support Ticket opened for failed backup.
  • Simple File/directory restores and test file/directory restores included (disaster recovery at Professional Services rates)
  • Low-load (I/O and CPU) on the server being backed up
  • Schedule backups multiple times per day for critical systems
  • MySQL and cPanel agent features included (MS-SQL agent available)

Professional Services:

  • Test/real whole-system/bare-metal restores
  • Backup/redundancy strategy consulting
  • General Linux/Windows professional services
  • Colocation/dedicated server hosting