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Advantages of CentOS Dedicated Server Hosting

Have your own ultra-stable and reliable CentOS dedicated server on hardware or a VM in our cloud. You are root, do whatever you want with it. No minimum term, no setup fee. Trust the most reliable service!

CentOS hosting is a free alternative to RedHat Enterprise Linux, perfect for the person that wants the stability but does not require the support options and cost that the RedHat branded product offers. CentOS is compiled from the same source code as RedHat Enterprise Linux, so it is 100% binary compatible with RedHat Enterprise Linux.

Our standard CentOS server platform is a high-performance, 1U or 2U high Supermicro chassis with your choice of processors such as Intel Quad-Core Xeon all the way up to 24 cores and larger. We have dedicated servers available from 8GB of RAM to 1TB of RAM and larger. All of our dedicated servers have switched 1Gbps (1Gbit) Ethernet connections. Customized configurations are available with larger amounts of RAM or 10Gbits network. We can also colocate your provided hardware. Other dedicated server hardware configurations are available.

All our Dedicated Server hosting packages are stable and secure, but also include monitoring for availability (pinged every 5 minutes). In the event that your server goes down, you will be paged and/or e-mailed at the same time as our NOC. This web-based system can also give you uptime statistics and you can review historical monitoring data for your servers. We can also monitor network-based services such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, POP3, DNS, and others on your server for availability.

Please NOTE: RedHat has announced the end-of-life (EOL) for CentOS Linux with support for the final version ending in 2029. If you are looking for a Linux distro that is open source, equally stable, enterprise quality, production ready, free and community supported, please consider Rocky Linux or AlmaLinux OS.

Standard Features on all DEDICATED SerVERS
Premium Network Data Transfer Included 5TB/mo
Network Port Speed 1Gbps
Your Actual Max Burstable Speed 1Gbps
Included IPv4 Addresses 1
Cost of Additional IPv4 with Justification Up to 8 Free
IPv6 Available Yes
Temporary use of KVM over IP Free
24/7 Web-based Server Reboots Free
Unlimited “Root” User Privileges Included
Server Monitoring (i.e. ping) with Customer Paging Free
Service Monitoring (i.e. HTTP, SMTP, etc.) with Customer Paging Free
Actual Traffic Utilization Graphs Free
Switched Power Outlets (Web-based Instant Server Reboots) Free
SNMP Server Performance Metrics and alerts (CPU, disk, I/O, Load Avg, Mem) Free
Operating Systems
AlmaLinux Free
Custom initial OS installation Free
CentOS Free
Debian Free
FreeBSD Free
Fedora Free
OpenBSD Free
OpenSUSE Free
Rocky Linux Free
Ubuntu Free
Windows 2016, 2019, 2022 $25/mo
Data center and network
Network Uptime Guarantee 99.95%
Redundant Power Grid supplies
Uninterruptable Battery Backup (UPS)
Diesel Backup Generator
Triple Redundant Chillers
BGP Routing with Multiple, Redundant, 10Gbps or Faster Carrier Connections
Fast Response Email Support 24×7
“Remote Hands” (reboots, KVM, etc.) 24×7
LSI and 3ware Hardware RAID cards (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 0+1 / RAID 10) $14/mo + up
Private VLAN Contact Us
10 Gbps NIC Contact Us
Server Load Balancing $40/mo + up
Dedicated Firewall Service $99/mo + up
Data Backups (R1Soft CDP Backups) $49/mo + up
Premium rack option - free
Gigabit Network Switch Port Speed
Switched Power Outlets(web-based instant server reboots)
SNMP Server Performance Metrics and alerts – (CPU, disk, I/O, Load Avg, Mem)

We have systems standing by for you to move into quickly. Be up and running in a few hours. 95% of orders are completed within 24 hours. All prices are monthly, and services are provided monthly, unless other arrangements are made.

If you have questions, need a special configuration, or just want to know there are humans here, please contact us before you buy.

What other M5Hosting customers do with CentOS dedicated server plans:

  •  Apache/MySQL/PHP (LAMP) Web Server
  • KVM Hypervisor
  • Facebook application hosting
  • Mail server or backup mail server
  • Mail filtering system
  • TrixBox / Asterisk VoIP PBX
  • CVS, Subversion (SVN), or Git host
  • Security audit or Scanning platform
  • DNS server (primary or secondary)
  • Shell server
  • Game server
  • Development platform
  • Intrusion Detection or firewall for your other M5Hosting Dedicated Servers

AFFORDABLE AND STABLE Web-based Availability, Performance & Bandwidth Monitoring

Each and every switch port on our network is monitored for bandwidth, errors, discards and other anomalies. You have 24×7 web-based access to graphs that detail your bandwidth utilization by speed, and data transfer over time. You can also monitor your server health (CPU, disk use, memory, disk I/O, system load average). As an additional service, we can set alerts for you if thresholds are exceeded.

The facility is staffed 24×7 and is serviced with redundant air, power and network. We share the facility with some of America’s top financial institutions, government contractors, biotech and research organizations, hosting companies and network security companies.