Frequently Asked Questions; How to ___; etc.

Here are a list of things we get asked about often. Hopefully the answers here are helpful….


How do I get support?

My server is unreachable!

I can't log in at the Cloud Manager

What can I do with my service with M5?

Can I run an IRC server on my virtual machine?

Are these servers "managed"?

Which Operating Systems do you offer?

Which Linux distributions do you offer?

Do you sell cPanel licenses?

How do I upgrade or downgrade my VM size?

Can I purchase additional IPs?

Why can't I create another Virtual Machine (VM)?

Can I get my resource limits increased?

How do I ensure my VMs are always booted on different hypervisors?

Why does my instance restart after I shut it down?

Do you have an API?

Is there a command line interface (CLI) to the M5 Cloud?

What is your SLA?

How am I billed?

What Credit Cards do you accept?

How do I close my account?


Security & Networking

How do I change my password in the Cloud Manager?

IPv6 support

Can I get a "console" on my VMs?

Help! I can't send email from my VM!

How do I add a private IP address to an existing VM?

How do I add a public IP address to my VM?

How do I add an additional public IP address to my VM?

How do I use a private IP address with a new Virtual Machine (VM)?

How do I use a private IP address and a public IP address with a new VM?

Is bandwidth free between my M5 Cloud VMs?



Do I need a domain name?