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“Having worked for several top-50 web sites and also as a L2 Linux support engineer for one of
the highest-end e-commerce hosting companies, I am still consistently impressed by the
competency of M5 Hosting’s techncial support. In my experience, very few hosting companies
have the ability to even install BSD Unix, much less help you diagnose and respond to things
like kernel faults, and the price is very modest.”
Travis – customer since September 2009

Services Offered

Our professional Linux and network engineers can be engaged to help your business with a wide range of
technical projects and tasks. Some areas which are most commonly requested include:
  • Cloud migration services
  • Server performance tuning
  • Off-site Backup services
  • Load-balancing services
  • Security and performance incident root-cause analysis
  • Security, data loss and service failure risk mitigation
    • DNS zone hosting and consulting
    • Installation and configuration of third-party software
    • Custom network configuration for multicast, IDS, etc.
    • Custom network routing policy – BGP, QoS, etc.
    • Most other system and network administration disciplines