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Customize Your Own Cloud

Most M5 clients are well served by our Public Cloud IaaS which is cost effective and very robust. However, if you have special requirements, M5’s Private Cloud is designed for highly demanding users who have unique storage or computing needs. M5’s Private Cloud services provide all the benefits of IaaS without any trade-offs between storage and computing priorities. With M5’s Private Cloud, you can choose to prioritize storage or computing power rather than balancing between the two. With our Private Cloud IaaS, you get customizable solutions based on your requirements  for size, performance and/or technology specifications.


M5’s Private Cloud enables you to choose the type of storage you want to use. This is especially important if you have a lot of data that you need readily accessible at all times but you do not need to access it frequently. Large databases of images used in scientific research, for example, must be available as a comprehensive library. However access to individual images may be infrequent. In a case like this, we would work with you to find the most appropriate and cost-effective form of storage to ensure you have room to grow but are not paying for access speed you do not need.

You may need to integrate other technologies into your storage such as object storage, which provides you with an infinitely large named space so you have no limits to the size of your storage area, which is useful for storing a large number of files.  Or you may need your storage to be compatible with your legacy systems that use arcane or uncommon technology that is mission-critical to your business.

Computing Power

M5’s Public Cloud service provides a good balance between storage volume and computing power. However, if your work is primarily in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Deep Learning, you may need greater computing power than is commonly used. M5’s Private Cloud will build you an analytic-focused IaaS that gives you the computing power you need with either CPUs or GPUs as necessary. Specify exactly how many cores, MHz or GHz you need and we’ll make it happen.


If your company is in an industry where there are restrictions and laws in place regarding data security, our Private Cloud service provides the strictest security measures. Companies who must comply with HIPAA in the US healthcare industry would be best served with a private cloud set up. A private cloud is also the best choice if your company services clients in the European Union and must comply with GDPR data protection and privacy laws. 

Another aspect to consider is access control. A private cloud provides you greater access controls and security for remote employees than any other cloud service. Access control is becoming a business basic as companies settle into a permanent hybrid or remote working model.


The M5 Private Cloud is our most bespoke service and is as close to infinitely customizable as you can get in IaaS cloud computing. You can choose the amount of storage space, server capacity and computing power needed for your ideal infrastructure performance.

When you need a cloud environment built to your exacting specifications, M5’s Private Cloud gives you the customization and security you need. Contact us to discuss your requirements.