Cloud Pricing

Compute Instance Pricing

Instance SizeRAMCPUsMin. CPUECU**$/hour$/mo***
M5 Small2GB1650MHz1$0.016438356$12
M5 Medium4GB21GHz3$0.049315068$36
M5 Large8GB41GHz6$0.098630137$72
M5 XLarge16GB42GHz12$0.197260274$144
M5 2XLarge32GB82GHz24$0.394520548$288
M5 4XLarge64GB162GHz48$0.789041096$576
M5 8XLarge120GB242GHz64-84$1.578082192$1152

Additional Resources

ResourceHourly On-Demand$/mo***
Standard Block Storage$0.000068493 /GB/hr$0.05 /GB/mo
Standard Disk I/OFREEFREE
Template Storage$0.000068493 /GB/hr$0.05 /GB/mo
Snapshot Storage$0.00003425 /GB/hr$0.025 /GB/mo
Inbound Internet TransferFREEFREE
Outbound Internet Transfer$0.07 /GB$0.07 /GB
Internet IP Addresses (IPv4)$0.005 /hr each$3.65 /mo each
IP Addresses (RFC 1918)FREEFREE

Template Prices

TemplateHourly On-Demand$/mo***
CentOS 7 with cPanel$0.03/hr$21.90/mo
Ubuntu 16.04 LTSFREEFREE
Ubuntu 18.04 LTSFREEFREE
Ubuntu 20.04 LTSFREEFREE
Windows 2012R2$0.03/hr$21.90/mo
Windows 2012R2 with MS SQL Server Standard (4 cores)$0.40/hr$292.00/mo
Windows 2016$0.03/hr$21.90/mo
Windows 2019$0.03/hr$21.90/mo

*Note on Templates: Our standard templates are built with 100GB root disks, which are billed at the standard $0.068493/TB/hour (about $5/mo for 100GB). You can make your own templates, with a different size root disk to suit your needs. You can also add additional data disks.

** An ECU is a measure of CPU power used by a leading provider. There is a very vague definition of the metric, but we have done our best to provide a conservative equivalent estimate of the minimum CPU power for each of our instance sizes.

*** Price based on 730 hour month. A 30 day month is 720 hours. However, over the course of a non-leap year, a month averages 730 hours. All resources are billed hourly. This monthly price is for reference.

Note: All accounts have some default resource limits in place. You may request this limit to be raised by contacting support. There is no cost to increase this limit and customers in good standing can expect a very rapid response to such requests. Currently, the default limits per account are: 100GB RAM, 4TB Standard Disk Block Storage. The network interface is limited to 250Mbps *only for “M5 Small” instances*, all others are unlimited.