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High Performance
Route-optimized Network

Our network is designed to reliably serve your business and projects that depend on massive amounts of high-performance bandwidth at a competitive price, without sacrificing redundancy and availability. Some examples of applications well suited for our network include: streaming video or streaming audio, VoIP, video conferencing, real-time and MMO games, content distribution, file download/upload, web crawling, data backups, and others.

Our network uses redundant carrier class Cisco 6509 routers with the powerful SUP720-3BXL engines and maximum memory to handle the full and ever-expanding global route table. As with all multi-homed provider networks we use BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) for fault-tolerant routing over multiple Internet connections. We use multiple Gigabit connections to Tier-1 carriers and direct peering with over 100 other networks. BGP is the standard for providing fault-tolerant routing in a multi-homed network such as hosting data centers. It ensures fault-tolerance and that traffic is routed through the fewest other networks to arrive it’s destination. However, BGP does not have any metric or ability to determine the performance of a route in terms of latency, speed, packet loss or jitter (variations in latency). All of these characteristics can impact the performance of your applications. In order to provide the best possible connectivity, we have implemented route optimization technology from InterNAP called the Flow Control Platform (FCP).

The InterNAP FCP watches and analyzes all traffic in and out of our network for signs of performance difficulties and to determine where traffic is going. Then, it sends benevolent traceroute probes to the remote networks to determine which of our numerous paths to the Internet performs best to each of those destinations at that time. If the current best-performing path differs from the one in use, then the InterNAP FCP makes a route change to optimize our outbound traffic to that specific location. This process is performed thousands of times per hour. At any given time, we may have over 50,000 performance-based route changes to the BGP routing tables in our routers, representing huge improvements in performance over standard BGP and what it might be like if we had not gone to this length to ensure the best performing network possible.

Our network was built and is continually maintained by experienced Cisco certified Engineers with CCNP and CCIE certifications. It is monitored 24×7 to maintain peak performance and availability.

Our network was built to serve the demanding, cost-sensitive, high-bandwidth dependent customer. The prices for this bandwidth option are listed below and are listed as the incremental cost to any server listed on our Buy Now page.

A La Carte Bandwidth Pricing
Bandwidth Method Burst Speed Price
1,500 GB Total Transfer 100Mbps $0/mo.
10Mbps unmetered 10Mbps $120/mo.
10Mbps 95th percentile 100Mbps $200/mo.
20Mbps 95th percentile 100Mbps $400/mo.
50Mbps 95th percentile 100Mbps $1,000/mo.
100Mbps unmetered 100Mbps $1,200/mo.
100Mbps 95th percentile 200Mbps $2,000/mo.
200Mbps 95th percentile 500Mbps $4,000/mo.
500Mbps 95th percentile 1 Gigabit $10,000/mo.

All bandwidth options are dedicated to your use only, not shared. We do not oversubscribe. The maximum rate for your plan will be available for you to use any time without congestion or contention with other customers.

If you have questions, need a special configuration, or just want to know there are humans here, please contact us before you buy.

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List of direct peers
(as of 2/26/10)

  1. Level 3
  2. XO
  3. American Internet Services
  4. Cogent
  5. Hurricane Electric
  6. WVFiber
  7. Akamai
  8. Internap
  9. Peer1
  10. Mozillia
  11. Covad
  12. Main Street
  13. Los Nettos (USC)
  14. Sony Pictures
  15. Pandora
  16. eHarmony
  17. United Layer
  18. Adtaq Internet
  19. Triple8
  20. Global Netoptex
  21. New Dream Network
  22. Intermedia
  23. EdgeCast
  24. Voxel
  25. DoclerWeb
  26. WCIX
  27. TierraNet
  28. Activision
  29. Microsoft
  30. Packet Clearing House
  31. VPLS
  32. Layer 42
  33. Host Virtual
  34. LinkLine
  35. Utility Telephone
  36. AdvancedVideo
  37. OC3 Networks
  38. Facebook
  39. Silicon Connect
  40. Net2EZ
  41. Multacom
  42. Phyber
  43. Race Technologies
  44. TeraMESH Networks
  45. Fiber Internet Center
  46. NetMagic
  47. BTI America
  48. NetActuate
  49. AARNet Australia
  50. Vocus Connect Australia
  51. InterWorld
  52. NetMagic
  53. Global Reach
  54. Gobanza
  55. Voxee
  56. Nexicom
  57. National U. Singapore
  58. Init 7 AG
  59. CentralHost
  60. Tellurian
  61. Peak Web Hosting
  62. Fireline Networks
  63. Info Relay Online
  64. Emagine Concept
  65. Slide Inc
  66. Taiwan Fixed Network
  67. PLDT US
  68. AdvancedVideo
  69. OC3 Networks
  70. Facebook
  71. Chungwa Telecom
  72. xHop
  73. Highwinds Network
  74. Staminus
  75. 3jane
  76. Vivid Hosting
  77. E4A
  78. Datavo
  79. Atlantic Metro Comm
  80. Applied Ops
  81. Pocketinet Comm
  82. One Ring Networks
  83. 3Utelecom
  84. imeem
  85. GTA-Teleguam Holdings
  86. LMI net
  87. Sudjam LLC
  88. Info Relay Online
  89. Pacnet
  90. TierPoint
  91. Digitel One
  92. Cyberverse
  93. Internet Operating Services
  94. Citylink Fiber
  95. ReTN (Russia)
  96. Box net
  97. Bharti Airtel (India)
  98. Impulse Internet
  99. Empire Unified Comm
  100. Cylynx
  101. IdeaMAX
  102. Alchemy Comm
  103. Ygnition Networks
  104. Saunders Properties Australia
  105. Justin TV
  106. ARP Networks
  107. Energy Group Network
  108. TransTelco
  109. LiveWorld


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