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“Rex Consulting, Inc., my business, has had bare metal servers hosted at M5Hosting for over 10 years and cloud services hosted there for about 5 years. The reliability is unparalleled. Even the big guys cannot sustain the long-term reliability of M5Hosting. More than just reliable, the support from M5 Hosting is top-notch, many many times better than average or what you’ll get from a larger provider.

It’s not only that they do what they do well, you cal tell they really care to do well. And that makes a huge difference.”

Chris Paul, Rex Consulting



“Our company has been supported by M5 Hosting since 2005. We have a mission critical application for reducing risks for public water agencies and other utilities. Uptime is essential to us and our clients. The M5 team has provided 7 by 24 by 365 service economically and with 100% availability. They have made several networking and power system upgrades over the years with minimal impact on our business, but with enhanced performance and reliability. We have received Lamborghini service at Kia pricing! The M5 staff has always been insightful, correct, timely and just plain cordial. One of our first servers went over 1100 days without a reboot needed, unheard of in most environments.”

David Drake, President – Hadronex Inc



“M5Hosting is a very responsive and available datacenter and hosting provider. Their staff is always available, and equally important, amazingly knowledgeable. They are also much more flexible than a lot of datacenter providers we have worked with. It is very reassuring to know we can speak to someone with a clue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A lot of datacenters are big on fluff and provide a lot of shiney marketing materials. M5 Hosting comes through where it counts: managing your servers the way you want, with knowledge and availablility. Sentinare Messaging Solutions highly recommends M5Hosting.”

Chris Paul – Sentinare Messaging Solutions, Inc.



“Just a quick note to say hi, and I’m loving the service. Thanks a billion! Don’t you love customers that pay you money AND say thanks? Recently I’ve picked up some new clients due in part to your solid service and excellent network performance. Thanks again!”

Ryan Simpkins –



“…I wish I switched to M5 long time ago. You guys are SO easy to work with !”

Frank Gadot



“Our 7 servers with you are absolutely vital to our business. Your expert service and solid network keep us focused on providing service to our customers instead of dealing with a colocation provider.”

Sean Goss – Crown Computers



“Fantastic!!!! You guys ROCK!!!! M5 Hosting is the Best!!!… You Geeks !”

Ron Diaz – Customer Since 2004




George Burnett – Editor – YISTA



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M5 Hosting, Inc. has been hosting Dedicated Servers and Virtual Machines for start-up ventures and established companies for more than a decade. Our passionate, experienced engineers love what they do. Leverage their expertise to bring your tech vision to life.