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“Rex Consulting, Inc., my business, has had bare metal servers hosted at M5Hosting for over 10 years and cloud services hosted there for about 5 years. The reliability is unparalleled. Even the big guys cannot sustain the long-term reliability of M5Hosting. More than just reliable, the support from M5 Hosting is top-notch, many many times better than average or what you’ll get from a larger provider.

It’s not only that they do what they do well, you cal tell they really care to do well. And that makes a huge difference.”

Chris Paul, Rex Consulting



“I’ve enjoyed the stability of M5 hosting over the years. Nothing ever went wrong and I am grateful.”

Howard Cohen,



“Having worked for several top-50 web sites and also as a L2 Linux support engineer for one of the highest-end e-commerce hosting companies, I am still consistently impressed by the competency of M5 Hosting’s techncial support. In my experience, very few hosting companies have the ability to even install BSD Unix, much less help you diagnose and respond to things like kernel faults, and the price is very modest.”

Travis – customer since September 2009



“I love you guys! Best service ever and always so helpful!”

Norio De Sousa –



“I have had 2 dedicated servers with M5 for several years now. Every time I need their help, they always far surpass my expectations. I always feel that great service and the health of my servers is M5’s top priority and they are always there to show that to be true.”

Kelly Albrecht – Left-Click



“Our company has been supported by M5 Hosting since 2005. We have a mission critical application for reducing risks for public water agencies and other utilities. Uptime is essential to us and our clients. The M5 team has provided 7 by 24 by 365 service economically and with 100% availability. They have made several networking and power system upgrades over the years with minimal impact on our business, but with enhanced performance and reliability. We have received Lamborghini service at Kia pricing! The M5 staff has always been insightful, correct, timely and just plain cordial. One of our first servers went over 1100 days without a reboot needed, unheard of in most environments.”

David Drake, President – Hadronex Inc



“Let me take the opportunity to say that I’m very happy with you guys. Choosing M5 was the smartest decision I made regarding hosting. It’s really nice to have people who are good technically and open and straight with communication taking care of my server. M5 far exceeded my expectations as a company (and now, again). Thanks once more! ”

Daniel Duclos – CyberShark



“M5 Hosting rocks for the following reasons:

1. It’s run by hardware geeks. (Hint: Look at this website. It’s made almost entirely with shades of gray. The front page doesn’t even have a single image on it. Does it look like these geeks are trying to sell you on their brand? But then again I feel much more comfortable knowing that my monthly fees aren’t paying for a graphic design team.)

2. These geeks manage hundreds, and hundreds of servers. And not some hypothetical, generic server pictures, somewhere in la-la-land — we’re talking the real deal. For another example of my first point click on the “dedicated servers” link. Those are the *actual* pictures of their servers. I mean, they’re not even *good* pictures (sorry guys, but seriously, they’re not — and that’s a good thing). Those could only have been taken by a hardware geek who takes great pride in his craft (probably to stash inside his wallet, next to the family pics)

3. No setup fees, no minimum term. 24/7 support. This means that a) I am not locked in to pay the lease on their servers, which means that they are confident enough in their service to be willing to take on the risk. And b) If I crash my server at 3:00 am, I don’t have to wait for some suit to wake up — hardware geeks never sleep.

4. Mike. ’nuff said. You rock, dude! You’re the coolest, friendliest hardware geek I have ever met.

Adi Isakovic
Software Engineer / Entrepreneur
Toronto, Canada



“We here at Equipment Ready are pleased to say that our experience with M5 Hosting has been a worth while venture and wanted to extend our thanks by writing this testimonial. With personalized service and very affordable rates we have been able to continue our web projects in a professional and efficient manner. I have noticed that the M5 team have always been willing to listen to our needs and help find the best solution to make them happen. Thanks again and keep up the good work.”

Ken DiNitto – Equipment Ready



“Many hosting companies put a lot of effort into telling you how great their support offering is. M5 Internet Hosting don’t bother with all that effort telling people, they just get on with it and provide great support.”

Bill Echlin – Traq Software Ltd UK



“M5Hosting is a very responsive and available datacenter and hosting provider. Their staff is always available, and equally important, amazingly knowledgeable. They are also much more flexible than a lot of datacenter providers we have worked with. It is very reassuring to know we can speak to someone with a clue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A lot of datacenters are big on fluff and provide a lot of shiney marketing materials. M5 Hosting comes through where it counts: managing your servers the way you want, with knowledge and availablility. Sentinare Messaging Solutions highly recommends M5Hosting.”

Chris Paul – Sentinare Messaging Solutions, Inc.



“We have appreciated your service right from the start. Even though it was on a holiday weekend, our 40 email lists were transferred and handled with efficiency, and all of our questions were answered promptly. Ongoing service is excellent, with our email messages, often to several thousand people, are dispatched in a record amount of time. Questions and concerns are consistently handled promptly and courteously. Thanks !”

Karen Wilkinson – Setting Captives Free



“Just a quick note to say hi, and I’m loving the service. Thanks a billion! Don’t you love customers that pay you money AND say thanks? Recently I’ve picked up some new clients due in part to your solid service and excellent network performance. Thanks again!”

Ryan Simpkins –



“…I wish I switched to M5 long time ago. You guys are SO easy to work with !”

Frank Gadot



“The internet and security experts at M5 hosting set the bar for quality, reliability, and performance so high it’s way out of other hosting companies reach. Dealing with true industry professionals makes all the difference in the world. Thanks M5 I can finally sleep well at night.

Nicholas Wright – Paradigm Imagination



“I can’t tell you how pleased I have been with the service you provide. We will likely be adding a machine or two in the near future. It will definitely be with you!”

Mike Mangino – Elevated Rails



“We are fortunate to have found such a great hosting provider.”

Tom – Hacker Guard Security



“Thanks so much for your help! I appreciate the quick response, and the answers. I am referring a good friend of mine to you.”

Chris Hesslerode, President and COO – New Level Omni Media



“Absolutely perfect, couldn’t be more satisfied!”

Stephan – Find A Convertible Car



“I wanted to pass along the majority of the feedback I’ve received on our site: `The Site runs really fast!` Thanks for the Kick Ass Service !”

Brad Lesnick



“Our 7 servers with you are absolutely vital to our business. Your expert service and solid network keep us focused on providing service to our customers instead of dealing with a colocation provider.”

Sean Goss – Crown Computers



“Fantastic!!!! You guys ROCK!!!! M5 Hosting is the Best!!!… You Geeks !”

Ron Diaz – Customer Since 2004




George Burnett – Editor – YISTA



“I’m not (yet) a customer of M5-hosting, but I came across your web site and discovered your Explanation of recent interruptions in the archive. I just wanted to let you know that you have my fullest respect and appreciation for your fair and honest statement – there are not many people left who really care about it. The only reason why I don’t sign up a hosting contract with you is, that I’m based in Germany and I’m looking for a local server. But, if I ever need hosting facilities in the US or have to recommend one, I will definitely remember you! Keep on the good work”

Sven – Web Site visitor



“I’m impressed !”….”I appreciate the assistance you have given me and your prompt responses.”

Ben Grubb



“Thanks for your time, understanding and rapid setup time! I’m impressed.”

Martin Coleman – TechUpd8



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