M5 Hosting Deploys APC Switched Power for All Customers

by | Apr 26, 2011 | News

SAN DIEGO — M5 Hosting, a global leader in customized, high performance Linux and BSD dedicated server hosting solutions, announced today it has completed a deployment of APC switched power on all server racks.

Switched power outlets allow for power-cycling of customer servers without the need for an on-site technician to physically go to the server. M5 Hosting support personnel and M5 Hosting customers can both reboot a customer server using a secure web-based interface, saving precious time.

Since the upgrade required each customer’s server to be physically moved a new rack equipped with switched power outlets, the deployment has taken M5 Hosting several months. The company worked with customers to schedule a convenient time to complete the upgrade, as customers typically experienced up to 5 minutes of downtime during an off-peak time selected by the customer.

“All of our customers servers located in racks equipped with APC switched-power systems are able to power cycle their servers with a click of a button in our customer portal. This speeds response times when our customers need help. With this technology, a human does not need to walk over to a rack, unlock and open the door, locate the server just to press a button. It saves time and money, and this is a significant upgrade,” said Michael J. McCafferty, CEO of M5 Hosting.

M5 Hosting is also using the upgrade as an opportunity to perform a physical health check on each server. Technicians are completing RAM upgrades and inspecting and replacing broken system fans, and check RAID array integrity.

Last week, M5 Hosting upgraded all customer data transfer allocations by at least 500 percent.

M5 Hosting maintains a high-performance and route optimized network. The network features redundant carrier class Cisco 6509 routers with the powerful SUP720-3BXL engines and maximum memory to handle the full and ever-expanding global route table. Like all multi-homed provider networks, M5 Hosting utilizes BGP for fault-tolerant routing over multiple Internet connections. The network also relies on multiple Gigabit connections to Tier-1 carriers and direct peering with over 100 other networks.

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