M5 Hosting Implements Route Optimization Technology to Boost Network Speeds and Attract Global Clients

by | Apr 13, 2011 | News

SAN DIEGO — M5 Hosting, a global leader in customized, high-performance Linux and BSD Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions, announced today it has completed the implementation of the Internap® Flow Control Platform, a route optimization technology designed to dramatically boost network performance by choosing the optimal path for outgoing network traffic.

Traditionally, most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have utilized the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to manage external network traffic. Although BGP is a fundamental technology for the fault-tolerance of the Internet, it chooses outgoing network paths based on the number of hops traffic must make before it reaches its destination, in an attempt to find the shortest possible path.

The Internap® Flow Control Platform, however, uses sophisticated, real-time performance metrics to determine the fastest path for the traffic, which is often not the same as the shortest path. Short paths sometimes experience higher latency or packet loss as a result of periodic network congestion or other causes.

M5 Hosting can also use The Internap® Flow Control Platform to dynamically measure the end-to-end performance of hosted applications and automatically implement network changes based on those measures. The entire platform is automated, which allows fast re-routing of traffic around major network outages and 24/7 proactive performance monitoring.

Additionally, the platform can compare paths and identify equally-performing network paths from separate transit providers. In the event of a similarity, the lower-cost provider would automatically be chosen. It creates instant cost savings that do not affect service quality in any way.

“Network performance optimization is a key strategic advantage that will enable us to deliver faster performance at a lower cost. It’s a prime example of using next-generation technologies to solve a challenge all service providers with a global reach struggle with,” said Michael J. McCafferty, president of M5 Hosting. “With this technology, we’ve been able to significantly improve worldwide network performance while still reducing transit costs. It’s the best of both worlds, and our customers get the biggest benefit.”

The new route optimization technology will also make M5 Hosting a more attractive choice for customers with users in Asia and South America, who often experience much higher latency to network which do not employ this type of technology.

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