M5 Hosting Launches M5 Cloud

by | Aug 22, 2012 | News

The new platform is faster and more affordable than solutions from industry giants, such as Amazon

SAN DIEGO (August 22, 2012)—M5 Hosting, a worldwide leader in customized, high performance Linux and BSD dedicated server hosting solutions, today launched M5 Cloud, a next-generation Cloud hosting platform designed to compete with industry giants, in both performance and affordability.

Cloud hosting, which offers exceptional value for start-ups, growing ventures, and businesses with a dynamic or seasonal need for servers, utilizes clusters of high performance servers and software automation to achieve unrivaled performance, flexibility and low operational costs. Moreover, the elastic nature of Cloud hosting infrastructure allows for easy absorption of traffic spikes and dynamic work-loads.

“Our customers asked for a reliable, high-performance, flexible Infrastructure as a Service Cloud. Cloud hosting requires sophisticated network infrastructure, high performance server hardware, and a team of exceptionally talented system engineers. We have spent a full year building and testing every component and configuration to deliver a very powerful Cloud solution that builds on our decade-long track record of stable, powerful, and price competitive hosting,” said Michael J. McCafferty, CEO of M5 Hosting.

M5 Cloud’s solution is among the most competitive in the marketplace today, even rivaling industry giants. For example, recent measurements show that M5 Cloud’s storage solution is at least 200% the speed of Amazon EBS and 400% the speed of SoftLayer’s CloudLayer SAN, and M5 Cloud’s costs are aimed to be 15% lower than Amazon Web Services. Moreover, M5 Cloud offers hybrid hosting solutions, which can provide dedicated servers in the same data center and network as Cloud instances. M5 Cloud is also unique in its use of the InterNAP Flow Control Platform for performance-based route optimization, which can dramatically reduce latency by routing around congested areas of the Internet.

The company has been planning its Cloud deployment for more than a year. Its purpose-built network infrastructure is highly available and designed specifically for speed and flexibility. M5 Cloud allows users to create virtual machines within minutes, using a convenient Web interface or a programmable API.

Other unique features of M5 Cloud’s solution include the industry’s highest maximum RAM capacity per virtual machine, automatic migration on hardware failure, and an out-of-band console. Moreover, clients can independent configure RAM and CPU power allotments individually. RAM ranges from 1GB to 80GB, and CPU from 1% of 1 core to 100% of 24 cores.

In July, M5 Hosting acquired over 13 miles of dark fiber, providing an additional 10Gbps of throughput between the company’s two data center facilities in San Diego. The additional capacity will enable the company to offer a wider variety of other specialty services, including multi-site load-balancing, multi-site clustering, and other multi-site services requiring low-latency synchronization of data.

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