Speedtest.net now at M5 Hosting!

by | Mar 18, 2017 | M5 Hosting Blog

People often ask us various forms of the question, “How fast can I move data to/from my server, VPS or VM at M5 Hosting?”

There are so many variables. All of our dedicated servers have 1Gbps NICs or 10Gbps NICs. Does that mean you will get 1Gbps or 10Gbps?… No, it doesn’t. If you have 300Mbps Internet service at home… does that mean that you can move data from your sever to home at 300Mbps? Again, no.

There are many factors that will affect your throughput between two computers on the Internet. Things to read about might include “Bandwidth Delay Product” and other issues regarding LFNs (Long Fat Networks). Perhaps other issues might include “Buffer Bloat.” In the end, you really want an easy way to test. Enter speedtest.net.

You can now test just how fast you can move data to/from your server at M5 Hosting for your particular location, remote network, and end-user device. Please visit m5hosting.speedtest.net and be sure to choose the “M5 Hosting, Inc.” server. This will give you an idea of the actual performance from your web browser to/from a server at M5 Hosting. The server running the speedtest.net site is actually a low-end CPU, but the system does have a 10Gbps NIC, connected to our network as any other 10Gbps customer would be.

If you have any questions about our speedtest.net server, please get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.

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