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Dedicated Servers / Hybrid Hosting

We had issues with one of the sites on our server getting a denial of service attack and one with out of control processes - both happening at the same time! M5 was available to us 24/7, and helped us get our server under control.

Kristine Bonner

M5 Hosting has been in the dedicated server business for more than a decade.

M5 Hosting is legendary for its customized dedicated server solutions and experienced attentive help when you need it. We can complement your cloud services with dedicated hardware systems when your special needs require it. Some possible requirements may include:  advanced custom configurations, high-speed local storage arrays, encrypted physical disks, eventual certified destruction required, non-variable I/O performance, software that requires a hardware key or “dongle”, external hardware such as CDMA antennae, POTS lines or modem, Legacy OS support, or any other custom requirements.